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Participants who have submitted their abstracts (regardless of the date of submission) can withdraw, replace or modify their abstracts via MyEPDiC by March 1, 2022, when all abstracts will be subjected to the (re)evaluation by the Scientific Committee (MS Chairs). ​We urge you to amend your abstracts with the new exciting results and prepare your submission for the re-evaluation, in order to ensure the scientific excellence of the rescheduled EPDIC17. 

​All abstract submitters will be notified on the results of the re-evaluation process via email by March 14, 2022.  

* All abstracts submitted after March 1, 2022 will:
- be considered exclusively for the poster presentation, and
- subjected to the Late Abstract Submission Fee (LASF, HRK 250,00).

Duly paid LASF for abstracts submitted after the March 1, 2022 will be the precondition for these abstracts to be included into the Programme book and Book of abstracts, as well as to be considered for the poster presentation.

After March 1, 2022 no modification of the submitted abstracts will be possible. Each modification will be considered as a new submission, hence subjected to LASF, and the abstract in question will be only considered for the poster presentation.

Instructions for abstract preparation and submission (no text formatting is required) are given within the Abstract submission system in MyEPDIC17.