Individual Exhibition and Sponsorship Items

Exhibition                                                                                                    until Nov 30     after Nov 30  

Exhibition Open Space Unit (EOSU)                                                                                                    1900 €          2100 € 

6 square meters; Includes one table (120 cm x 90  cm), one high round bar table (r = 80 cm),

two chairs, one high bar chair, one electrical socket and one complimentary registration. 

This EOSU can be combined to form larger EOSs of 12, 18 or 24 square meters. 

We propose  several of such combined EOSs (see the floor plan),  but we are open

for discussion on modifying the initial setup according to your specific needs.

Additional furniture can be obtained upon request and at the additional cost.

Registration desk/Upload desk sponsorship                                                                                      500 €            550 €  

Roll ups and any other paraphernalia (branded candies, pens, or similar) according to sponsor

wishes will be set within registration/upload desk

Advertisements on commercial LCD panel, exclusive (in front of Hall Šibenik I)                              2000 €         2200 € 

You will have, exclusively, one big LCD panel for displaying your advertisements. 

Advertisements on commercial LCD panel, shared (in front of Hall Šibenik II)                                  700 €            800 €  

Advertisements of up to three sponsors will constantly loop on LCD panel.

Advertisements on three commercial projection canvases (inside the Hall Šibenik I)                  1000 €          1100 € 

Advertisements of up to five sponsors will constantly loop on three projection

canvases (4.1m x 2.5 m)  within Exhibition Hall Šibenik I,

The projection screens are located high at the ceiling which ensures great visibility.

Advertisements on two programme LCD vertical screens (in front of Hall Šibenik I and II)         500 €            550 € 

Advertisements of three sponsors will constantly loop on two LCD vertical screen together

with EPDIC daily programme scheme. 

Advertisements on programme totem (in front of Hall Šibenik II or X)                                            300 €            350 € 

Advertisements of up three sponsors will constantly loop on the totem together with 

daily programme schedule for selected hall.






Exclusive seminar during lunch break                                                                                                1700 €         1900 € 

90 min commercial workshop in Hall Šibenik II  during lunch break

with the exclusivity for the slot  (no other lunch-on can be organized simultaneously).

Non-exclusive seminar during lunch break                                                                                       1000 €          1100 € 

90 min commercial workshop in Hall Šibenik II or Hall Šibenik X during lunch break

without any exclusivity for the slot (we might organize other simultaneous

lunch-on seminar in other lecture rooms).
Welcome reception sponsorship                                                                                                          400 €            450 € 

Roll ups and any other paraphernalia according to sponsor

wishes will be set within the Dalmatian square where Sunset & Breeze

welcome reception will take place.
Gala dinner sponsorship                                                                                                                        400 €           450 € 

Roll ups and any other paraphernalia according to sponsor

wishes will be set within the dinner venue where gala dinner will take place

Plenary lectures sponsorship                                                                                                               500 €           550 € 

Two roll ups will be placed near the stage. Price is per one plenary lecture.
Poster prizes                                                                                                                                           200 €           220 € 

Company representative will present the poster award winners

at the closing ceremony. The award can include money, vouches, books etc. 

We charge handling fee (application procedure, evaluation procedure, jury coordination,

preparation and printing of certificates...)


Logo with link at the official EPDIC17 website                                                                                    500 €           550 € 

Logo will be displayed at footer of each tab as well as under Exhibitors & Sponsors page.
Banner at EPDIC17 home page                                                                                                               10 €              11 € 

Price is per banner per day. Banner at home page will include commercials from two diamond sponsors, exclusively.

Remaining three photos will be of Šibenik region.
Banner  at EPDIC17 programme page                                                                                                     5 €                6 € 

Price is per banner per day.

Banner will consist of up to five interchanging commercials.

Programme booklet
First page advertisement in programme booklet                                                                             1800 €          2000 € 
Back cover advertisement in programme booklet                                                                            1800 €          2000 € 
Full page advertisement in programme booklet                                                                               1200 €          1300 € 
Half page advertisement in programme booklet                                                                                700 €            800 € 


Delegate bags with logo                                                                                                                      2200 €         2400 € 

Logo on delegate badges                                                                                                                      1800 €         2000 € 

Logo will be positioned at bottom corner of delegate badge.
Logo on delegate lanyards                                                                                                                  1800 €         2000 € 

Sponsor has to provide lanyards with text and/or logo.

Delegate bag insert                                                                                                                                500 €           550 € 

One bag insert assumes A4 printed material (up to 3 pax)

or one pax of CD/DVD.


Please consult the map with positions of LCD panels, LCD vertical screens, canvases and totems.